Me'asim Tovim

Massage at Events and Offices
For reservation of massage at your workplace, event, home or hotel
 call now 052-3875514

ME'ASIM TOVIM was established to provide moments of body&mind relaxation away from the intensive routine of our lives. 

We selected the best therapists who specialize in various techniques.

We'll be happy to come to your workplace or home,

and give you a treatment that will ease the stress of your stiff muscles, and improve your wellness and mood.

Our services:

  • Massage corners at events and parties

  • Shiatsu on an ergonomic chair in the workplace

  • Privet treatments at your home or hotel

  • Alternative bachelorettes parties

  • Tents & gazebos available for outdoor events

massage at events 052-3875514
shiatsu chair rental 052-38755514
shiatsu & massage at offices 052-3875514
massage at customer's home and hotel 052-3875514
shade solutions - gezebo & tents 052-3875514

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